My name is Scott Bennett, and I write this page. 

Born July 8th, 1985, in Michigan. I have wonderful parents, Barb and Alan, and three awesome brothers, Steve, Jeff, and Tom. I attended school at Denison University, in Granville, Ohio. I graduated there in 2007 with degrees in History and Economics. In my last year at Denison, I picked up climbing, and it has defined my life ever since.

I’m now based in Boulder, Colorado in between near-constant trips.

You can reach me through this site, or via my email:

One thought on “Bio

  1. Hi Scott,
    Thanks for the flood pictures. Our swiftwater rescue team did the first searches of this area Friday through Sunday and being able to show others what if was like is nice, a lot of resourceful and helpful residents there helping each other out. I think we only had to help a handful of folks despite the destruction. Our prayers and thoughts are with all of you.

    Steve Howard, Basalt Fire Rescue

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