Restoking the home fires

Buena ventura, che!

“Have a good adventure, bro” I said to Neil yesterday. In typical scatterbrained fashion, he’d spent the morning running around, finding boots and crampons, stuffing his duffel, and saying his adios‘s. All just barely in time to catch an 11:30am bus to the Denver airport, the first leg of a 48-hour, stiff-legged, red-eyed, travel marathon. I was so jealous.

Neil, and his brother Joel, were the first of my amigos to make the Great Southern Migration this year, bound for El Chaltén, Argentina. Many more will follow in the next month, all stoked beyond words to climb on that perfect Southern Patagonian granite.


Cheyne is headed south, too!!

I won’t be joining them this season; I’m a bit jealous. But, overwhelmingly, the excitement and possibilities of spending a winter season in the Northern hemisphere are forefront in my mind.


Eldorado Canyon and the Flatirons

One thing about which I’m ACTUALLY motivated, for the first time in MONTHS, is to write on this blog. So keep an eye out for photos and stories recapping the last summer and fall, and plenty more from adventures this season.


And if you want a little Patagonia action, too, check out Joel and Neil’s page:

and Cheyne Lempe’s blog:

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One Response to Restoking the home fires

  1. Jos L. Mendieta says:

    Hi Scott. Have fun in your winter season

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