Flying south and stuffing my ears

This post comes to you from the Dallas Fort Worth airport, as I wait to board an 8+ hour flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to be followed by another flight and bus ride all the way to beautiful Chalten!

I know that, compared to many long journeys, this one is fairly short and pain-free. Even still, travelling can always be made much more bearable by an adequate supply of listening material. Of course music is the go to ear stuffer, but if you need something that occupies your mind a bit more, you can’t beat a podcast!

Here are some podcasts, all available free, that I’ve enjoyed:

BBC’s “A History of the World in 100 Objects”

Narrated in perfect dry brit style, but always accompanied by wit and insight, the curator of the British Museum takes you a tour of the past by highlighting 100 different objects that the Brits have stolen, er… collected, from around the world. Addictive and edifying, right-oh chap!


Named after the excellent books, this radio series will appeal to more than just nerdy economists (maybe). The host examines seemingly random topics, focusing on unintended consequences, incentives, decision making, and surprising paradoxes.

NPR’s Planet Money

Another economics podcast, this ones a bit newsier, but still explores some fun topics, always in a simple, but not dumbed down, style.

On the Media

This weekly show discussed the news, especially focusing on the way events were portrayed by various media. The highlight of this show are host Bob Garfield’s heated and merciless interviews, no softball lobs here.

Radio Lab

The two wacky hosts explore science stories, accompanied by very creative sounds effects. This one always leaves you thinking and questioning.

This American Life

Classic radio entertainment, I’m sure you’ve all heard it. Makes an hour fly by.

My Brother, My Brother, and Me

OK, this show is Hilarious! Seriously, comedy on the radio is hard to make, and even harder to sustain, but this show by three brothers from West Virginia has it. They’ve made nearly a hundred hour long episodes, ostensibly advice shows, but really they just make fun of the advice seekers, and each other. Very funny stuff.

And while we’re on the subject, here are a few more travel essentials for getting the most out of your audio entertainment:

AA Battery charger. This is a little plastic case that takes two AA batteries, and has a USB out slot. You can plug an ipod cable into it, and it charges. Simple. I can get nearly two full charges for my ipod nano from one set of batteries. You can find these little devices on ebay for less than $5.

Headphones. I’m no audiophile or technology snob, but I can’t really use the standard issue ipod headphones anymore. I love the ones with the little rubber balls on the end that conform to the inside of your ear and act as little earplugs. Perfect for environments with lots of ambient noise, like planes and buses.

Earplugs. Speaking of ambient noise, once you get tired of all that listening, you’ll want good earplugs in order to get some sleep.

Buen Viaje!

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3 Responses to Flying south and stuffing my ears

  1. Anonymous says:

    Scotty, you’re links never work, bud. Good luck down there!

  2. ropeandsummit says:

    yeah, the links are weird. when I edit it, the links are to the correct url, but when I post it, it adds the address of the blog in front of the target url. but only on some of them. odd.

  3. ropeandsummit says:

    OK, Figured it out. I just needed to add the “http://” to the url. I’ve gotten so used to omitting that part!

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