Welcome everyone to my new blog. My old blog, the Big Wide West, was a ton of fun to write. Hopefully this one will be too!

Everything is much the same: posts will feature my blather and poorly framed photos. Occasionally I’ll post a good photo, one that was taken by someone else.

I wouldn’t be creating a new page, though, if I wanted to keep everything the same. The most obvious new thing is the technique page. There, you’ll find random tips and tricks that I’ve learned and developed over the past few years. It is geared towards climbing long rock routes, with an emphasis on fast & light, alpine style.

Further, I’m hoping to be much more consistent with adding content. I’ve already drafted a number of future posts, so perhaps I’ll be able to keep up a weekly pace, at least for a while.

So, welcome. I would recommend scrolling down and checking out the post below, a collection of photos recapping my 2011. Also, check out the “About” page, which has a few paragraphs about mountain climbing, the purpose of this blog.

I hope you enjoy the new page. I’d love to hear comments or suggestions!

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